The Round Top located in Texas hosts a large range of critical heavy rare earth elements, high-tech metals, including lithium, uranium and beryllium and industrial materials, and is among the lowest-cost rare earth projects in the world.

Round Top Deposit hosts 15 of the 17 rare earth elements, plus other high-value tech minerals and is well located to serve the US internal demand. Round Top contains 13 of the 35 minerals deemed “critical” by the Department of the Interior and contains critical elements required by the United States; both for national defense and industry.

The August 2019 Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on the Round Top project projects a pre-tax 10% net present value (NPV) of $ 1.56 billion. The estimated internal rate of return (IRR) for the project is 70%. Estimated annual pre-tax revenues are $375.4 million.

2019 USA Rare Earth Press Releases

2019 PEA Press Release

Texas Mineral Resources and USA Rare Earth Report Significantly Upgraded Resource and Confirm Prior Potential Economics in Updated Round Top Preliminary Economic Assessment.

Navajo Transitional Energy Invests In USA Rare Earth:

Navajo Transitional Energy Company Invests in USA Rare Earth LLC and its Development of the Round Top Rare Earth.

Texas Mineral Resources JV Partner Release

Texas Mineral Resources and JV Partner USA Rare Earth Advance Round Top Rare Earth Project.

Texas Mineral Resources Corp Press Release:

TMRC Secures Development and Funding Partner for Round Top Rare Earth Project

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